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‘Ram-Vaam-Shyam Have Joined Hands’: Mamata Accuses BJP, Congress And Left of Secret Alliance |

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New Delhi: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Sunday targeted Bharatiya Janata Party over the Sandeshkhali violence and alleged that BJP is trying to disrupt peace in the area and has not taken any action against its leaders.Banerjee’s scathing comments came while she was addressing a Public gathering in Birbhum on Sunday.

Targeting the saffron party over the Sandeshkhali violence Bengal CM said that BJP along with ED and media is trying to disrupt peace in Sandeshkhali. “We always take action in case of any wrong. First the ED, then the BJP, and then the media. They are trying to disrupt peace there. [Sandeshkhali], If there are any allegations, we will take action, and whatever was taken forcibly will be returned,” sad Mamata Banerjee.

“I have asked the police to take suo motu cognizance. Our block president has been arrested. In Bhangar, Arabul Islam has also been arrested. But what action has the BJP taken against their leaders? Remember, the BJP is anti-Bengali, anti -women, anti-farmer, and anti-dalit,” she added.

West Bengal CM further alleged that the BJP is using central agencies like ED, CBI and the Election Commission for its own advantage. “They are using ED and CBI to threaten us. If the Election Commission is working on BJP’s orders, keep this in mind that we have the right to fight and voice our opinion,” said Banerjee.

“Earlier, I had to face the torture of Left and now I have to face the torture of BJP. Ram-Vaam-Shyam [BJP, Left, Congress] have joined hands. They had joined hands a long time back. This is the same CPI(M) that used to play with deaths,” she added.

Citing the ongoing farmers protest, Mamata Banerjee said, “We call the farmers ‘Annadatas’. They are the providers of food for us but look at the way they [BJP] are treating them.”

“BJP is creating chaos everywhere and provoking one community against the other. We call the farmers Annadatas. They are the provider of food for us but look at the way they [BJP] are treating them. Look at how Punjab, Delhi, and Haryana are burning. They are drilling nails so that the farmers can’t reach there. I sympathize with all our farmers,” she said.

Further, mentioning the Prevention of Money Laundering Acts, the West Bengal CM said that there is a proper way of work in these kind of cases which the investigative agencies are not following.

“There is another thing – PMLA. If you have any allegation against anyone, you conduct an investigation properly and give a charge sheet. Let law take its own course. But you cannot keep someone behind the bars. If you think by this you can win elections, you are wrong. Even Indira Gandhi did the same during the Emergency period but lost despite that,” CM Mamata said.