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Prime Minister Modi hints at Complete Implementation of NEP by 2022 in a Phased Manner.

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The new National Education Policy (NEP) was approved by the Union Cabinet on 29 July. There was ambiguity if the new policy would come into effect from 2020, amid a truncated academic year due to pandemic-induced disruptions or if its implementation would be pushed to 2021. It talks about a systemic reform in the education sector including– multi-disciplinary education, vocational learning class six onward and less focus on exams, board marks, among others.
The education ministry in collaboration with states will have to break down the implementation of the NEP recommendations in a phased manner during 2021-22 and 2022-23 academic years.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today indicated that the NEP may be implemented by 2022, when India celebrates its 75th year of Independence, clearing the air about the complete roll out of the policy.

“When India celebrates 75th year of Independence, all Indian students should be learning as per the direction and provision of the new education policy. It’s our collective responsibility,” Modi said while addressing two-day conclave on School Education in 21st Century, organised by the education ministry.

“Do not limit class rooms to the walls…pre-school is the first outside experience for the children. We need teachers’ right from the pre-school level who focus on fun-learning, activity-based learning and discovery-based learning. While some schools and teachers must be doing this, but it should reach all corners of the country,” Modi added.

Schools should focus on experiential and discovery-based learning to make education practical and holistic, Modi said, adding that, as per the NEP, the foundational learning will get an impetus, and it will be taken up as a mission, so that language and arithmetic skills get honed early.

Modi said teachers will have to learn the new ways, and unlearn some past learnings. He urged the teaching community to effectively implement the new policy, which according to him will give a “direction to 21st Century India” and help in achieving the new aspirations and realities of the country”.

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