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PM Modi’s new “Air India One” will have advanced defence systems— that and other features of the aircraft

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India is set to receive two wide-bodied Boeing 777-300ERs to serve as “Air India One.” The new aircraft will be used to fly Prime Minister and President of India and other top Indian dignitaries from July, this year.

The highly customised Boeing 777-300ERs will be the replacement to the current Air India One planes of Boeing 747 fleet. Indian officials currently fly on the Indian Air Force (IAF) plane for domestic travel and Air India’s Boeing 747 for international travel.

IAF pilot to be on the driver seat

The new Boeing 777-300ERs are being fitted with advanced defence systems and will be operated by the IAF pilots, according to reports. Traditionally, the 747 fleets of Air India were flown by the most senior pilots of the flag carrier.

The new B-777 planes are being sourced from US-based Boeing company and will cost around ₹1200 crore to India.

The aircraft outstands the current aircraft used by the US president— which is regarded as one of the safest planes. The US has two identical aircrafts named Air Force One, which are highly customised Boeing 747-200B series aircrafts, designed for the transportation of the US president.