May 25, 2024

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PM Modi, said – the farmer who worships, set him on fire

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Inaugurating the development projects in Uttarakhand, the Prime Minister said, “Major reforms have been made related to the farmers, workers and health of the country. These reforms will empower the workers of the country, the youth of the country will be empowered, the women of the country will be empowered, the farmers of the country will be empowered, but today the country is seeing how some people are protesting only for protest. ” He said that the country has seen PM Modi said, “This was the time of four years ago, when the country’s jambans had destroyed the bases of terror while carrying out surgical strikes, but these people were able to strike the surgical strike only from their jambans. The Prime Minister further said that on the initiative of India, when the whole world was celebrating International Yoga Day, these people sitting in India were opposing it. When the tallest statue of Sardar Patel was being unveiled, we moved forward with new thinking, new approach. We not only limited the Namami Gange Mission to the cleanliness of Ganga ji, but also made it the largest and comprehensive river conservation program in the country. First – started laying a net of sewage treatment plants to prevent the dirty water from falling into the Ganges . Second, build sewage treatment plants that can meet the needs of the next 10-15 years. Third- Opening of hundred big cities and five thousand villages situated on the banks of river Ganga is free from defecation. Fourth- To put pollution in the river Ganga’s tributaries,

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