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‘Painful, embarrassing for Maharashtra’: BJP chief Devendra Fadnavis decries arrest of Rana couple

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MUMBAI BJP chief Devendra Fadnavis on Saturday known as the arrest of MP Navneet Rana and her husband and MLA Ravi Rana by Mumbai Police “painful” and “embarrassing” for Maharashtra.

He additionally stated the police didn’t act when a frontrunner of the ruling Shiv Sena made threatening statements or the automobile of a BJP chief was attacked, however arrested the Ranas after they arrived in Mumbai to recite the Hanuman Chalisa exterior Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s home.

In a sequence of tweets, Fadnavis stated, “The incidents in Maharashtra are painful. No FIR was filed when Mohit Kamboj’s vehicle was attacked or when a leader talks about burying a woman representative 20 feet under the ground. But when the Rana couple comes to Mumbai to recite Hanuman Chalisa, they are immediately arrested.”

इतकी दंडुकेशाही 
इतका अहंकार
इतका द्वेष
सत्तेचा इतका माज
सरकारच करणार हिंसाचार
एवढीच तुमची मदुर्मक

सत्तेच्या मस्तीत कसेही वागून घ्या
पण, जनता सारे काही पाहते आहे !
निव्वळ लज्जास्पद

लोकशाहीत मत मांडण्याचा अधिकार संपला?
लोकशाहीचे गार्‍हाणे गाणारे आज सोयीस्कर गप्प का?

— Devendra Fadnavis (@Dev_Fadnavis) April 23, 2022

Kamboj, a Mumbai BJP chief, had claimed on Friday that his automobile was attacked close to Matoshree, Chief Minister Thackeray’s non-public residence. Sena chief Raut stated earlier on Saturday, with out naming any individual, that anybody who tried to check the endurance of his social gathering can be “buried 20 feet beneath the earth”.

“Why is there so much arrogance of power? It is the state government that is instigating violence. Is your manhood limited to such behaviour,” Fadnavis, a former chief minister tweeted. “It is an utter embarrassment for the state to witness such a poor show. All this is happening before the people,” he added.

He additionally requested if the arrest indicated that “people have lost their right to express their views”, and why those that talk about democratic values have been “selectively silent”. Earlier within the day, talking in Nagpur, Fadnavis stated the Shiv Sena-led Maharashtra authorities’s means of dealing with your entire episode was “very childish”.

“If allowed, the Rana couple would have gone there (Matoshree), recited Hanuman Chalisa and returned without creating any news. I don’t understand why so many people had gathered at several places as if they (Rana couple) were planning some attack. What kind of politics is this?” the BJP chief stated.

Mumbai Police on Saturday night arrested MLA Ravi Rana and his spouse, MP Navneet Rana, each Independent legislators from jap Maharashtra, for allegedly “creating enmity between different groups” after escorting them out of their home in suburban Khar amid excessive drama.

The improvement got here hours after the couple cancelled their plan to recite the Hanuman Chalisa exterior Uddhav Thackeray’s non-public residence ‘Matoshree’ right here.