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Number of corona infected reached 1.64 lakh in Gujarat

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In the last 24 hours in Gujarat, 1,136 new patients of corona infection have appeared and the death of seven infected people has been recorded. At the same time, 1,201 patients have been discharged from the hospital when they are healthy.

According to the Health Department, the number of total infected in the state has reached 1,64,121 out of which 1,46,308 patients have become healthy and 3,670 have died.

After confirming 1,137 new patients in Gujarat on Wednesday, the total number of Kovid patients in the state had reached 1,62,985. On Wednesday, nine infected deaths were recorded and 1,180 patients were sent home from the hospital after treatment.

According to information received from the Health Department, a total of 1,45,107 patients have recovered after this epidemic, while 3,663 have died. There are 14,215 patients active in the state, who are being treated in Kovid hospitals.