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Joint meeting of School Education Minister of Chhattisgarh and Bihar in Patna

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Concrete initiative will be taken for school safety in Chhattisgarh: Dr. Premasai Singh Tekam

Bihar team will come on an educational tour of Chhattisgarh

Under the leadership of School Education Minister Dr. Premasai Singh Tekam, Managing Director, Composite Education and Director SCERT. A joint meeting was held with Mr. P. Dayanand at Patna Headquarters in the state of Bihar with the officials of Bihar Education Project under the chairmanship of the Education Minister Shri Krishna Nandan Prasad Verma. In which various schemes related to the ongoing education quality in both the states were discussed in detail. In the meeting, the school safety scheme in Bihar state and the safe Saturday plan under it were discussed in detail by the school education minister Dr. Premasai Singh Tekam. He informed that in Chhattisgarh too, the government is taking initiative to do concrete work for school safety.

The officials praised the innovative efforts being made for quality education in Chhattisgarh schools in the meeting. The officials of Bihar also decided to visit Chhattisgarh on an educational tour to get information about various schemes going on in Chhattisgarh. Apart from this, the Bihar Upgradation Scheme, Kishori Protsahan Yojana and various schemes being run for girls were discussed in detail in Bihar.

Director SCERT Information about the programs being run in Chhattisgarh was given by Shri P Dayanand. Information was given about the state level assessment, how the teachers are assessing children from the first to the eighth level at the state level by providing questions based on learning income to the teachers. Based on its results, remedial education has been arranged in the state in a planned manner so that the achievement of all children can be improved.

In Bihar, the tradition of giving information about Gandhiji’s 150th birth century, two books related to Gandhiji and stories based on Gandhiji’s life during prayer on the basis of it, has been started in Bihar. This makes the children understand about Gandhiji’s life well and his expression skills are also being developed by sharing his thoughts with each other during prayer.