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India is the best place for investment: Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Virtual Global Investor Roundtable with global investors. The Prime Minister clearly told the investors that the desire to move towards a self-reliant India is not just a vision but a planned economic strategy. He said that India is the best place for long term investment.

He said, India is such a place if you want to earn on investment with confidence. If you want a demand with democracy then India is for you. If you want stability with durability then India is one such place. If you want to protect the environment as well as economic growth, India is like that. He also said that this year India has bravely fought the global epidemic. The world saw the national character of India. The world also saw the real strength of India. PM Modi said that investors are moving towards companies that have high environmental, social and governance scores. India already has systems and companies that have a high rank in it. While telling the investors about the new rules made for farmers, PM Modi said that new opportunities are being created in this direction and new opportunities for investors to partner with farmers are created. He also said that on the basis of technology and modern processing systems in the country, India will soon emerge as an export hub in the agricultural sector. Prime Minister Narendra Modi presided over the round table meeting of investors through video conferencing. Discussions were held in the meeting between the big global institutional investors, Indian business leaders and the biggest decision-makers and financial market regulators from the Government of India.