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DNA Exclusive: Decoding Congress Party’s Love For Pakistan |

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NEW DELHI: Tonight’s episode of DNA delves into a recent development from Karnataka that has ignited a political firestorm over the last couple of days. Allegations swirl that during the celebrations following the Rajya Sabha election results in Karnataka, chants of “Pakistan Zindabad” reverberated outside the state assembly. Nasir Hussain, the triumphant candidate, stands accused of endorsing these chants during his victory festivities.

While the BJP has mounted a vigorous offensive on this issue, the Congress government in Karnataka has taken a defensive stand. The pivotal question remains: were pro-Pakistan slogans indeed raised during Nasir Hussain’s celebration? Further complicating matters, Congress leader BK Hariprasad has voiced support for Pakistan, deepening the turmoil within the party.

DNA: Karnataka heated up over Pakistan-supported slogan. DNA analysis of Congress leader’s love for Pakistan.

Why is there sympathy in Congress regarding Pakistan? #DNA #DNAWithSourabh #Karnataka #Congress #Pakistan @saurabhraajjain — Zee News (@ZeeNews) February 29, 2024

In any nation, the euphoria of electoral victory often echoes through celebratory slogans, a manifestation of national pride. However, the recent events in Karnataka have left the Indian populace perturbed. The Rajya Sabha elections held on the 27th in Karnataka saw some MLAs casting their votes, resulting in Nasir Hussain’s ascension as the Congress representative. Nonetheless, the festive atmosphere soured when cries of “Pakistan Zindabad” emerged, sparking investigations into whether these chants stemmed from genuine support or conspiratorial machinations.

The BJP has vehemently raised objections, prompting police intervention and the initiation of legal proceedings. As the Karnataka police sift through video evidence and endeavor to identify the parties involved, the BJP has amplified the issue across the state. Amidst this tumult, the veracity of a contentious video remains in question. While Nasir Hussain has refuted claims of endorsing pro-Pakistan sentiments, the BJP has sharpened its criticism of the Karnataka government, alleging favouritism towards Hussain.

Congress’s BK Hariprasad’s recent statement, characterizing Pakistan as a neighbor for Congress and an enemy of the BJP, has further inflamed tensions. This ideological divergence underscores the BJP’s contention that Congress’s stance towards Pakistan elucidates its antipathy towards India’s interests. While India refrains from formally designating Pakistan as an enemy state, widespread acknowledgment exists of Pakistan’s adversarial actions, fueling public ire.

Given the sensitivity surrounding Pakistan-related sentiments in India, the clamor for a thorough investigation has intensified. Only through meticulous scrutiny of pertinent videos can the truth be unearthed, ensuring accountability for those responsible. Tonight, on DNA, we dissect this unfolding saga, unraveling its implications within the political landscape.