May 28, 2024

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Departure from the state during the monsoon week:Today, the last day of the rainy season, 8 percent more water fell

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Even though the monsoon has more than a week to go from the state, the rainy season is coming to an end on Wednesday, 30 September. The monsoon has been very good this year in Chhattisgarh and so far eight percent more water has been lost than the average. Meteorologists have also predicted rain across the state on Wednesday i.e. Wednesday. The monsoon reached the state on June 10 this year. The process of rain that started with the arrival of monsoon has not stopped yet. From June 1 to September 29 in the state, 1233 mm of water has fallen. This is 8% higher than the average. According to meteorologists, the entire state should receive 1138.6 mm of rainfall in the last 112 days while by September 30, the average rainfall in the entire state is 1143 mm. In June this year, it received 44 percent more rainfall than average. 27 per cent was lower in July, But again in August, 36 percent more water fell than the average. So far in September, there has been 16 per cent less rainfall than the average. Overall, from June to September, the state has lost 8 percent more water than the average. According to meteorologist HP Chandra of Lalpur Meteorological Center, all the districts of the state have received good rainfall this year.

There was no shortage of rain anywhere. Surguja alone has seen 32 per cent less water than average. Kanker also received 21 percent less rainfall than average. All the remaining districts have received average or more rainfall.

Due to sunshine, humidity and westerly air,
heat and humidity are also feeling hot and humid in many cities of the state including the capital. Actually, due to the cyclone formed in the Bay of Bengal, there is moisture in the atmosphere. On the other hand, the wind direction is still westerly and south-westerly due to no farewell to the monsoon. Apart from this, it is sunny throughout the day, so the temperature is also increasing. Due to the high temperature and humidity, heat and humidity are felt. Meteorologists say that the monsoon has departed from western Rajasthan. Monsoon will return from parts of North and Central India in the next two-three days. Increasing air dryness will cause heat to disappear and freezing will begin.

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