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Air quality deteriorates in national capital with rise of pollutants in the atmosphere

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Air quality deteriorated in the national capital with the rise of pollutants in the atmosphere on Thursday.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) was recorded at 254 in ITO and 246 in Patparganj, both in the ‘poor’ category, as per the Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) data.

“Vehicular pollution needs to be controlled. We used to come at 6 am for a morning walk but now we have started coming at 5 am while the pollution level is low. The public should be aware and move to CNG and electric vehicles. The government is taking steps but public awareness is important as well,” said Anil Sharma.

Another resident of the city told ANI that if the Odd-Even rule is imposed in the national capital it would certainly bring down the pollution level.

“Stubble burning is another reason for pollution here … the pollution increases during evening hours. The Delhi Government has started a new campaign to turn off the engines at the red lights but I do not think it helps in bringing down the pollution level,” he added.

“Pollution has become a fact of life for the people of Delhi, they have to learn to live with it. Pollution is a part of modernization but people should be smart enough to help bring down the pollution here. These masks are now a part of our lives that will save us from pollution as well,” said another resident.

A cyclist, Shubham Bhadoria, near India Gate, said that as compared to other locations in Delhi, people witness a low level of pollution in this area due to greenery.

“I do experience difficulty while breathing when I go out cycling. Pollution level is surely increasing,” he added.

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