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Afghanistan’s major action, 10 Taliban terrorists killed in air strike

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On Saturday, the Afghan army carried out a major crackdown against Taliban militants. Under this campaign, the Afghan army has killed 10 Taliban militants through an air strike. It is being told that an intelligence officer of terrorist organization Taliban has also been killed in this action of Afghan army.

Let us know that in July 2020, more than 25 Taliban militants were killed in NATO air strike. These included 12 Pakistani terrorists. After the NATO air strike, Kandahar Police Command spokesman Jamal Barkazai said that the terrorists who were targeted in Takht-e-Pol city were planning attacks on the posts of Afghan security forces in Thoro area of ​​the district. After this NATO attack, the terrorists left some bodies of their comrades there. Documents recovered from him revealed that at least 12 of these were Pakistanis. An intelligence officer of the terrorist organization Taliban has also been killed in this army action.

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