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‘You should be ashamed, you live by their fame and you say such things…’, Premananda Maharaj reprimanded Pandit Pradeep Mishra

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New Delhi. The controversy arising from the comment made by the country’s famous storyteller Pandit Pradeep Mishra about Radharani is not taking the name of stopping. Pradeep Mishra had said that Radharani is not from Barsana, she was from Rawal village. After this comment, Saint Premanand Maharaj ji has become angry. Premanand ji Maharaj is so angry that he has come to blows with Pradeep Mishra. He has released a video saying that such comments will not be tolerated. After this, a war has broken out on social media between the followers of these saints.

Pandit Pradeep Mishra made this comment

Let us tell you that Pandit Pradeep Mishra raised questions on Radharani’s maternal home during a story. He said, “Radha ji was not a resident of Barsana. Radha’s name is not among the wives of Shri Krishna. Radha ji’s husband’s name is Anay Ghosh. Her mother-in-law’s name was Jatila and sister-in-law’s name was Kutila.” Pandit Pradeep Mishra said that Radha ji was married in Chhatra village. During the story, Pandit Pradeep Mishra asked the devotees sitting in the pandal to tell where Radha ji is from, to which the answer came that Barsana. While answering the devotees, Pandit Mishra said that Radha ji was a resident of Rawal village, not Barsana. Radha ji’s father had a court in Barsana. Radha used to go to the court once a year. That is why its name is Barsana, which means come once a year.

Premananda Maharaj got angry after this comment

Premanand Maharaj was very angry at this comment of Pandit Pradeep Mishra and he released a video and reprimanded Pandit Pradeep Mishra. Premanand Maharaj released a video and replied to Pandit Pradeep Mishra saying – A Bhagwat spokesperson is talking about Ladli Ju. He asked if he has ever sat at the feet of saints. He has no right to speak about Ladli Ju without knowing about her. Saint Premanand Maharaj angrily tells Pradeep Mishra that no one can save you from hell. Maharaj angrily says that you should be ashamed, you live by eating their fame and you say such things.

Maharaj ji gave a strong message to those who commented on Radharani !!!

— Bhajan Marg Official (@RadhaKeliKunj) June 12, 2024

Saint Premanand Maharaj further says that the narrator says that Shreeji is not in this Barsana. If he meets the saints, he will know Shreeji. How many scriptures have you studied? I am saying from the land of Vrindavan that you will go to hell. Sing the glory of your God, so that theism increases, not atheism. Premanand Maharaj says that you consider yourself very knowledgeable. You have no entry in the Ras Granthas yet. Premanand Maharaj says that I am very angry from inside after hearing such things about Ladli Ju and Shreeji. These people talk nonsense by becoming Bhagavatacharya. Earlier also one person had said such a thing, everyone knows what happened to him. If our heart burns, then you will neither be here in this world nor in the other world.

One should not listen to Bhagwat Katha from such people

Premanand Maharaj says that one should not listen to Bhagwat Katha from such people. This leads to hell. He said that one should listen to the Katha from those from whose voice one can hear the glory of the Lord. Do not speak about Brahma Tatva without knowing it. Do not speak like this about the innocent Kishori. You will be ruined. Speak about Shreeji with prudence. You do not know Radha yet.

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