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Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said- Highway agencies should not collect toll tax on such roads

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Highways and expressways are being built continuously in India. Along with this, Toll Tax is also levied. But sometimes arbitrariness is also done at the toll booth and even after having Fastag, more money is taken by imposing fines. But now such problems can be resolved soon. What advice has Union Minister Nitin Gadkari given to the concerned officials during a program on many such problems. We are telling you in this news.

People should not be troubled

The minister said that the regional officers of the national highway agencies should be more sensitive to the inconvenience caused to the people due to long waiting at toll plazas and there should be a mechanism for registering complaints and their quick redressal. Although the government has made the use of FASTag mandatory for toll payments on highways in 2021 to enable seamless travel through toll lanes and currently about 98% of the transactions are taking place through these smart tags fitted on vehicles, there have been several reports of queues at plazas from across the country. To eliminate this, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is working on the roll out and expansion of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) based toll collection. It aims to remove toll gates from the NH network in the next few years.

NHAI’s future plan

Keeping in mind the large scale implementation and privacy concerns, the National Highways Authority of India has said that it should first be implemented on commercial vehicles. Later, it is proposed to implement this system on private vehicles as well. Along with this, NHAI has also recommended analysis of driver behavior and analysis of data to detect fraud.

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