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Sister-in-law used to have unnatural sex with sister-in-law, used to quench the fire of lust every day, when the secret was revealed, she killed brother and mother

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Crime News. A young woman was madly in love with her sister-in-law. She used to sleep with her brother when he was not at home and had unnatural sex with him every day. When this secret was revealed, the young woman killed her mother and son. The police has solved the double murder case.

The whole case is from Haryana. The murder of mother and son in Yamunanagar has been revealed. The murderer turned out to be none other than the daughter of the house, Kajal. 45-year-old Meena and 24-year-old Rahul were murdered in Azadnagar. Daughter Kajal, who was present in the house, told the police the story of murder after robbery.

I got my friend married to my cousin

Lesbian Kajal got her friend married to her cousin Krish so that her wishes could be fulfilled. Her friend used to sleep in Kajal’s room at night. There used to be disputes on this issue. According to Kajal’s aunt Kiran, “Kajal used to wear a boy’s look. Krish’s wife and Kajal used to behave like husband and wife on the bed.”

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Kajal along with her cousin took the life of her mother and brother

According to the police, Kajal killed her own brother and mother due to greed for property and because they were becoming an obstacle in her relationship with her friend. Kajal took her maternal uncle’s son Krish along with her in the murder. Both of them together committed a double murder.

Both of them made this plan

The police also confiscated Kajal’s phone. Seeing so much evidence against her, Kajal confessed her crime. After this, it was revealed that she had committed this crime along with her cousin. Both of them had made this plan in greed for property.

The second sister-in-law also left the house

Actually Kajal had arranged her brother’s marriage with one of her friends. Kajal herself was close to that friend. When the family came to know about it, the marriage was broken. After this, the family members arranged for Rahul’s second marriage. Kajal also tried to get close to the second sister-in-law, due to which the second sister-in-law also left the house.

There were three people in the family

After this, there was a dispute between Kajal, her mother and brother. After which Kajal was afraid that her mother might transfer all the property to her brother. After this, Kajal made this plan along with her cousin Krish. There were a total of three people in the family in which the mother and son were murdered.

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