Report Wire - When PM Modi informed Kapil Sharma that Opposition in India is busy doing comedy

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When PM Modi informed Kapil Sharma that Opposition in India is busy doing comedy

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When PM Modi told Kapil Sharma that Opposition in India is busy doing comedy

On Saturday (March 11), India’s main comic Kapil Sharma revealed particulars of his dialog with Prime Minister Narendra Modi throughout an interview with Aaj Tak Editor Sudhir Chaudhary.

In the interview, Chaudhary requested, “Have you ever thought of inviting politicians such as PM Modi to your show? Politicians also need a platform to promote themselves before elections. Would you like to invite the Prime Minister as a guest on your show?”

Kapil Sharma replied, “On a serious note, I had invited PM Modi to our show when I met him in person. He did not say no to me but instead told me that right now, the Opposition leaders are doing full-fledged comedy in politics.”

“So, PM Modi did not say no to me. I will in fact be grateful if he comes to our show. In that way, people will get to see his lighter, humourous side,” the humorist added.

Kapil Sharma additional added, “During the inauguration of the Film Museum in Mumbai, PM Modi cracked several jokes in front of the entire film fraternity. So, I want him to come to our show so that everyone can see what we witnessed that day. Nonetheless, I will keep inviting him.”

PM Modi and his potshots on the Opposition

The Indian Prime Minister is understood to make use of humour in his political speeches, each inside and out of doors the Parliament. In February 2020, he recommended that Congress scion Rahul Gandhi is a ‘tube light’ for intervening throughout his speech.

PM Modi remarked, “I was speaking for the last 30-40 minutes but it took this long for the current to reach there. Many tube lights are like this.” Recently, he joked about Rajasthan Chief Minister and veteran Congress chief, Ashok Gehlot, for ‘mistakenly’ studying the previous Budget within the State Assembly.

“Budgets and announcements are only matters on paper for the Congress. They don’t intend to carry out any of them in reality. What budget he read is not the issue. The fact that the previous year’s budget was held in a box rather than being implemented raises the actual question,” PM Modi mentioned.