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weather:Cloudy in the morning, torrential rain filled the streets in the evening

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The process of rain is not going to stop. Light clouds remained in the morning after a good rain till late Wednesday. In the afternoon, people also felt sultry, but after this, again at around four in the evening, there was heavy rain with thunder-glow. When the water accumulated in the roads due to rain, the drains overflowed and started flowing on the roads. According to the Meteorological Department, light to moderate rain is forecast for the next 24 hours. The maximum temperature on Wednesday was 28 degrees Celsius. It is two degrees below normal. According to the Meteorological Department at present, a cyclonic circulation extends from the Bay of West Central Bengal to 2.1 km altitude above South Coastal Andhra Pradesh. The second cyclonic circulation is at a height of 0.9 km above Gangetic West Bengal and above Jharkhand. Monsoon trough Bahraich, Gaya, Shantiniketan and then eastwards Manipur is located as far as Bangladesh and South Assam. Due to these effects, there is a possibility of light rain and splatter in some places with lightening glow in the next 24 hours. The maximum temperature in the district may also increase by one degree.

Two inches of rain in the middle of the night was
the late night of Thursday and Wednesday. It rained continuously from 11 am to 1.30 pm. Pusaur was the highest in the district, with three inches and the average average rainfall in the district was one and a half inches. Till date, the district has received a total of 1072 mm of rainfall. Now the districts are just one and a half mm behind their average.

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