Weather update: Rain forecast for next 4-5 days in many parts of India, rain will be here today

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New Delhi The Meteorological Department has already stated that like August, in September, this time the rainfall may be more than before. If seen, every day rain warning has been issued by the Meteorological Department since the beginning of the month. At the same time, there have been unseasonal rains in many places. India's Meteorological Department has issued rain warnings at several places on Tuesday. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), there will be light to moderate rains in Aurangabad (Maharashtra), Palwal and Noonh (Haryana) Najibabad (Uttar Pradesh) and adjoining areas. Apart from this, IMD said in its bulletin on Monday night that there is a possibility of rain in India (in the regions of the subcontinent) with thunderstorms and lightning for the next four to five days.

It is reported that a low-pressure area is formed from the Karnataka cyclone with an associated cyclonic circulation over the east-central Arabian Sea. It is likely to weaken in the same area during the next 24 hours.

Heavy rains are expected at isolated places in Karnataka and Kerala and Mahe by Friday (September 11). As of Wednesday (9 September), heavy rain warnings have been issued in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Karaikal. Coastal Karnataka is likely to receive very heavy rains between Tuesday and Thursday and Kerala and Mahe on Tuesday.

According to IMD forecasts, rain is likely to decrease by September 13 in most parts of the country, including northwest and central India, which will intensify after September 17. Coastal Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra are expected to receive above normal rains after 17 September. The normal date for the monsoon retreat is 17 September. As per the new monsoon start and withdrawal dates released by IMD in April, the monsoon will be completely withdrawn from the country by 15 October.

Talking about other forecasts, the Meteorological Department has warned of thunderstorm in Jharkhand for five days. Apart from this, the monsoon looks active in Bihar, UP. The Meteorological Department has said that the rains will continue from Maharashtra to Kerala and Madhya Pradesh is likely to receive rains from today. According to the Skymet Weather Report, due to cyclonic winds, eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar may receive heavy rains for a long time. According to the report, the areas where there will be no rain during this period will be in a bad condition due to the humid summer.

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