US Election 2020: Donald Trump can be president again for 5 reasons

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1. Enthusiasm in Trump supporters

Voting is not compulsory in America and that is why the situation may change here.

In such a situation, the work of the leaders is not limited to wooing the potential voters here, but also to motivate them to go out and vote.

Elections in America are held on Tuesday, that is, on the working day, it is very important to have patience in the voters.

The year 2020 is different from the past years, because it is not just to convince yourself to vote, but to take risks knowing the risk of infection.

2. Trump himself says 'outsider'

Robert Leeds, a resident of Daphne in Alabama, says, "Before 2016, I had never voted nor was I interested in politics. But after Trump's arrival, I felt that they were different. I was the first in my life Voted once and supported them. If I get a chance, I will vote for them once again. "

In 2016, Trump had secured 62% of the votes from this constituency.

Robert works as a Leeds carpenter and drives a taxi. He is one of those people, who have started taking interest in Trump after taking a step in politics. What attracts them to Trump is the traditional 'outside the political circle'.

3. Use of Internet in choice

Kevin Ross, writing in the New York Times on the subject of technology, warns, "Listen, liberals, if you think Trump will not be elected again, try spending more time on Facebook."

Since 2016, Ross has been tracking party on social media.

He says that there are at least 10 popular posts on Facebook , which are about Republic Party, Conservative Party and Trump supporters.

Trump's interest in social media is well known. Four years ago, Steve Bannon was the convenor of their digital strategy for him. He was a former director of the Breitbart website and was also associated with Cambridge Analytica Consulting. This company came into the discussion for using social media users' data for political propaganda.

4. Keep your agenda moving

Voting by mail carries the risk of rigging, states are not able to rein in violence.

Your supporters should have the right to vote twice, the Kovid-19 vaccine will come before the , the date should be reversed…. Trump has either supported or rejected this idea. . And these are the of newspapers on the second day.

The Economist magazine recently wrote that Trump has proved how to start a public debate.

5. Control over Government machinery

There is one more thing, which once again goes in favor of the trump involved in the presidential race and that is the hold on government machinery.

Currently, in the case of Trump, its link is to intensify efforts to produce the corona virus vaccine and to provide emergency assistance to the economy that is going through a difficult period due to the epidemic.

As President, he has organized press conferences in a short time, in which he has made important announcements as well as has spoken about the ability of his government and attacked the opposition. All these press conferences have been broadcast live on television.

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