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Dantewada district will get freedom from the curse of the most backward district

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While addressing the opening ceremony of the National Aboriginal Dance Festival Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Shri Bhupesh Baghel said that Dantewada district will get rid of the stigma of being the most backward districts. Under Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s leadership and guidance we have Bhagirath resolution that we will bring prosperity in the tribal areas. CM said that poverty in those areas that have ironically with the tribal areas, illiteracy, malnutrition, unemployment and low health index is much lower order than non-tribal areas. BPL, according to the Reserve Bank and the World Bank estimates the districts of Bastar The percentage of households between 50 and 60. While BPL in India The average household is about 22 percent. In the country in the past decades there has been a large reduction in the number of families living below the poverty line, but an outbreak in the tribal areas is still intact. Unfortunately the last 15 years Infrastructure development in the name of thousands of crores in tribal areas have, but could not improve the fundamental problems of tribals. The biggest challenge we face today is how we can reduce the incidence of poverty in the tribal areas make their lives happier.

 First this purpose we have selected Dantewada district, hit by Maoist violence, where all economic and social indicators in the following location. The total population of the district Dntwodha two lakh 83 thousand 479 and who inhabit the total number of families 48 thousand 574. It is almost 57 percent below the family, ie 28 thousand families living in poverty. We have set a target that particular campaign was living BPL for poverty alleviation in Dntwodha district in the next four years The number of families to get rid of the stigma of being brought at the level of less that 22 per cent of the national average, so aspiring district Dantewada district (most backward districts).

 BPL in Dntwodha district The number of families have been made necessary action plan for bringing down the national average and will start its formal implementation of the third or fourth week of 2020 Jnvri K Mid-day meal plan program through self-help groups under the action plan, Suposhn campaign, minor forest produce collection, processing and marketing, horticulture and all the necessary materials supplied Sstonebl approximately 13 thousand families through more operations Income government Reseedenshiyl schools (will increase fixed income).

In the district a total of 9 thousand 834 families who went the land leased under the Forest Rights Act, is being designed for a specific action plan for families, so they too will be ready source of permanent income.
 He said that will tick again two districts next year under this program based on the Dantewada district of experiences where BPL The percentage of families here. In those districts will be created tailored action plan to local conditions and backward and be cured of Stinger called poor districts. Implementation of this program by the State Government will be based on the highest priority (war-footing) and will provide necessary funds for it. I am confident that the esteemed leadership of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul ji we will succeed in achieving this goal takes almost imaginary.

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