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Why did an Indian youth plead with Prime Minister Modi to marry a Pakistani girl?

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A young man from India wants to marry his fiancé in Pakistan. He has requested Prime Minister Modi to interfere in the visa process.

After months of waiting, the hope of a young man from Jalandhar has come down on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has appealed to the Indian Prime Minister to interfere in his visa process. Which can become a means of marrying fiancé living in Pakistan.

Requesting help to marry Pakistani fiance

Jalandhar resident Kamal Kalyan, a young man, had a relationship with a girl from Lahore in 2018 through a video link. After meeting at the family function, the acquaintance of each other grew. After that Kalyan struggled hard to get a sponsorship letter. For six months the young man was trying to get sponsorship letter. Which makes the process of issuing visas easier for the girl and her family. For this, the young man has been trying to deliver the letter to his fiancee for the last three months. But there was no result.

Appeal to PM Modi to interfere in the visa process 

Kalyan could not reach the sponsorship letter to her fiance in the lockdown implemented due to Corona virus. All courier companies have postponed their service due to the epidemic. Therefore, no company providing delivery service agreed to carry the letter. Now Kalyan is under a lot of stress over not being able to marry a Pakistani fiance. To get registered, the wedding must be held in India. Kalyan has requested Prime Minister Narendra for help from everywhere, seeing his efforts fail. She has appealed to ensure the delivery of sponsorship letter to her fiance. So that a visa can be issued to him and his family.

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