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Weather update:One and a half times in June, monsoon breaks in July, rain reduced by 25%

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No major system, expected from August rain.

The strong monsoon in June has almost ceased in July. The average monsoon rainfall in the state was 44 percent more in June. But so far in July it is 23 per cent less and there is no major system. Taking the average of both months, the rainfall is still 2 percent more than the average monsoon rainfall so far, but meteorologists have started arranging a big system this month.

If such a situation does not prevail, then only August will be trusted for rain. Due to good rains in June, all the dams and rivers of the state are full. From 1 to 30 June 278 mm of water had fallen. This was 44 percent above the average.

Understand rain like this

The dateRain (in mm)Less / more (in%)
1 to 30 June277.9+44
1 to 26 July241.1-23
1 June to 26 July519.0+02

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