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Religion also shown in killing of sages in Palghar lynching

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New Delhi / Today, instead of better education and health for most of the Buddhist Muslims in this society, they found the words Hindu and Muslim by spreading lies and rumors on the nation and the heart and the heart. The words of saffron terror were similarly invented during the UPA regime.
22 years after the Mumbai terror attack, NCP chief Sharad Pawar, while addressing the 89th Marathi literary meeting held in Pune, admitted that he deliberately fabricated the story of an additional bomb blast to avoid communal tension by showing the suffering to Muslims because ‘ This is what Pakistan wanted. He said that he also knew that all these blasts took place in Hindu-dominated areas.
Even today, talking about justice for the Hindu monk Kalpvriksh Giri, a victim of lynching in Palghar, becomes communal for the secular lobby. In order to prove his pseudo-secularism, Maharashtra Government Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has said that not a single Muslim is among the 101 accused arrested.
In this context, the recent news is also noteworthy that Palghar mob lynching: Police team searching for more than 300 accused, help will be taken from drone.
Hence, why is the Maharashtra government making half-baked remarks even before the full investigation?
Is conversion in Palghar killing saints also an angle?
According to Sudarshan News report, even though the Maharashtra government has been repeatedly telling its Home Minister Anil Deshmukh and Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray that there is no religious angle in the killing of the mercilessly killed sadhus in Palghar, but finally it is unfolding. It is going to come that somewhere in this entire matter there is something big that must be done by Maharashtra Police and Maharashtra The Government is trying to suppress it.
After the revelations that are happening right now, everyone will answer the question from the Uddhav government that there is really no religious angle in this whole matter?
But then suddenly a new twist has come in this case and a Christian group has stood up in the court to defend the killers of all those arrested sadhus. For all these murderers arrested in this case, Kadgahldhgham Ruddhadyadesh, who is known among the Hindus by keeping the name of Pradeep Patriot, has stood in the court and has launched a campaign to get rid of all of them as soon as possible. Kkadhgahlgadham Rudradyadhyas is actually a Christian priest who runs a heart attack in Maharashtra. His wife is Parsi.
This purveyor of murderers of sadhus became Peter from Pradeep and later became a Christian, whose Hindu name was no doubt. For the time being, this group of Christians will now launch a campaign to free the murderers of the monks, who have also started completing all legal preparations.
It is worth mentioning here that Palghar is only 90 km from the Ministry of Mumbai. Is at a distance of. More than 70 percent of the tribals have been converted in this area, there is a media report as well.

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