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Now The Central Government Took This Big Decision Regarding Normal Trains

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Paddy Minister Narendra Modi has already indicated that the lockdown restrictions will no longer be imposed in the country. The government is constantly increasing the scope of the exemption. Countrymen are thinking that when will railway facilities be common in the country?

However, according to the indications received by the Central Government, the operation of trains stalled for almost three months is unlikely to be normal at the moment. 

Now PM Modi launched this big plan, he will get benefit

According to reports, the Railway Ministry has decided to cancel all tickets booked on or before April 14 and generate a full refund of tickets. Under this, a circular has also been issued to all zones. For this reason, it is now believed that normal trains will not be able to operate even in the month of July. 

After this decision of the Central Government, the railways have canceled the train tickets of all the regular timetable trains booked on or before April 14. Significantly, the number of corona infected people in the country is increasing rapidly.  

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