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India Is Also Moving Towards War And Talks With China To Consider The Option Of Military Action

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New Delhi . Amidst the ongoing military tensions with China in Ladakh, there is a consensus among the top policymakers of the Indian government. He says that negotiations with China should be continued to resolve the border dispute, but if needed, the country should also be fully prepared for a confrontation or fight with the dragon.

In the discussions between the top policymakers of the Modi government over the deadlock running along the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, words like confrontation and fighting were used. Highly placed sources involved in this discussion said, “We do not want to escalate the confrontation but we will not compromise by bowing to China.”

The Chinese response did not inspire confidence. The
government believes that China killed our soldiers and although we do not expect them to grieve over this, asking India to hold our soldiers accountable reflects Beijing’s intentions. is. Even they (China) are not implementing what they are asking them to do. His only response so far has been that India’s fault and that India is responsible for the military gathering. In April, when the first news of China’s military mobilization was revealed, instructions were given to increase patrolling and surveillance. Later, on increasing the number of Chinese soldiers, the Indian side was also directed to increase the military concentration in the same proportion. We gave this information in the meeting of all the parties on 19 June.

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