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India has always emerged victorious over all disasters and challenges – Narendra Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while sharing his thoughts with AIR in his Mann Ki Baat program, said that India has historically emerged more and more by conquering all disasters and challenges. The history of India has been to win over the disasters and challenges and to get more sparkling. For hundreds of years, different invaders attacked India, putting it in crisis, people thought that the structure of India would be destroyed, India’s culture would end, but these crises made India even more grandiose. Mr. Modi said that the monsoon has now reached most parts of the country and meteorologists are very excited and hopeful about the rainfall. He said that if there is good rainfall, farmers will get better yield and the environment will also be filled with greenery. The Prime Minister appealed to the people to save a large amount of rainwater to protect the environment.

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