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Employ migrant labourers of Chhattisgarh in power companies: Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel

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Ensure separation of feeders for agriculture on priority basis

Land of Korba’s shut down power plants to be utilized commercially

Chief Minister reviews the works of Energy Department

Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel has said that the workers returning to Chhattisgarh from other states during the lockdown should be employed in power sub-station, power line expansion and other construction works as per their skills.He said that the migrant labourers should be trained and put into work on priority basis, so that they get employment in the state itself.Chief Minister Mr. Baghel was reviewing the works of the Energy Department at his residence office here today.

 Chief Minister discussed in detail the proposal presented in connection with the reorganization of power companies of Chhattisgarh State.Currently, there are five power companies in the state.These are to be reorganized and three companies are proposed to be constituted.The proposed option of restructuring was discussed.Chief Minister expressed displeasure over the power distribution companies for not explicitly mentioning the exemption given to consumers in electricity bills.He also inquired with the officials regarding the disturbances of the Madwa Electric Heating Project and directed to take action against the culprits.
        In the meeting, an in-depth review of various issues including transmission loss of transmission companies, status of substations under construction,proposed substation, category-wise pending payment of electricity bills, installation of AB cable for prevention of power theft, power transmission loss reduction measures and the cost per unit of power generation through various power plants was done.Giving information in the meeting, about the loss of Rs 212 crore in revenue in April due to corona pandemic and lockdown, Mr. Abdul Qaiser Haq, Managing Director of Power Distribution Company said that the revenue reduction of Rs 1510 crore is expected till October.
            In the meeting, the Managing Director informed that 69 super high pressure sub-stations and transmission lines were constructed in the last 3 years to reduce the transmission loss.This has led to a 2.98 percent reduction in transmission.This year, four power sub-stations Bijapur, Udaipur, Siltra and Kharmora (Korba) are targeted to be completed and commissioned.It is proposed to construct 25 new ultra high pressure sub-centers and related lines in the next year. He informed that Chhattisgarh State Electricity Distribution Company owes Rs 6324.62 crore from various categories of consumers. A detailed information about the department-wise dues was given in the meeting.
            The Managing Director informed about the updated status of spot billing, establishment of AB cable and measures to reduce the losses to the distribution company. He informed that metering work has been completed for all the 33 KV and 11 KV feeders in the state.The work of setting up AMR on the above feeders is in progress. It was also informed in the meeting that the work of laying 195 power sub-stations and lines under STN has been completed.Clearance from Forest Department is required for the construction of four power sub-stations.
 The Chief Minister directed to speed up the work of separation of feeders for agricultural pumps across the state. It was informed in the meeting that 653 feeders have been separated out of 1179 feeders.  Separation of 204 feeders is in progress. It is targeted to be completed by December, a proposal to separate the remaining 322 feeders has been sent to the Center. The Chief Minister inquired about vacant lands with the power companies. He directed to make commercial use of the land of closed Korba East 200 MW power plant.
        It was informed in the meeting that out of 57 lakh consumers in the state, 32 million consumers are being given spot billing facility except agriculture pump consumer and AMR consumer. In the meeting, comparative information was given about thermal and hydro power generation units in the state and the power generation, consumption and electricity rates and coal rates through them.Officials said that 500 MW unit number 02 at Atal Bihari Bajpayee Thermal Power House, Madwa, has been closed since last January due to technical fault.  Improvement work is being done in this.Production is expected to start from July.
       Chief Secretary Shri RP Mandal, Chairman of Power Companies and Additional Chief Secretary to Chief Minister, Mr. Subrata Sahoo, Secretary Mr. Siddharth Komal Pardeshi, Director of Power Distribution Company Mr. N.K.  Bijora, Managing Director of Transmission Company Mr. Ashok Kumar, Deputy Secretary in the Chief Minister’s Secretariat Ms. Soumya Chaurasiya and senior officials of power companies were present in the meeting.

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