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Baghel’s witty tweet wins thousands’ hearts

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Call it poetic politics or what, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on Sunday paid back in kind, literally, to an earlier tweet of a poem by BJP MLA Brijmohan Agrawal.

Baghel wrote the Hindi poem on his official Twitter handle @bhupeshbaghel: “Friend, do not tell us who died for the country and who not. Please take note of what your ancestors did. Those who seek forgiveness are cowards and those dying for their country are patriots. The country has been nurtured for the last 70 years and we will continue to do so, but Khar and Dushan (mythical demons) will repent.”

It got over a thousand retweets and likes within hours when the chief minister put out his witty tweet in reply to BJP’s veteran leader and former minister Brijmohan Agrawal.

A day earlier, Agrawal wrote on @brijmohan_ag: “Friend, do not attempt to divide the country by ignoring national interest. Modi is into nation-building and do not sow thorns in his path. Shaheed Bhagat Singh died for the country but you don’t attempt to be a martyr by cutting a nail. The BJP is trying to set right the wrongs of the last 72 years and do not try to humiliate its public mandate.”

Twitter users posted both for and against the tweets. One user tweeted a poem to say that both friends were strange as they had their own take on issues while the public was feeling cross over their characters.

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