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After China And Nepal, Bhutan Now Increases India’s Concern, Stopped Water

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is creating new trouble for India these days its neighbors. Bhutan has now given a blow to India, fighting over countries like China, Nepal, Pakistan on three fronts. Generally, Indo-Bhutan relations have been sweet, but now it has blocked the water of farmers in Assam’s Baksa district.

The farmers of Buxa are extremely upset with this act of Bhutan and are protesting on the streets. Around 6000 farmers in more than 26 villages of Baksa district are dependent on the Dong project for irrigation. Since 1953, local farmers have been irrigating their paddy fields with water from rivers originating from Bhutan.

The protesting farmers, demanding a solution from the government, for the
last two-three days, the farmers of Baksa and all the civil society organizations have been protesting against it. On Monday, protesters blocked the Rongia-Bhutan road for several hours. The farmers demand that the central government take up the issue with Bhutan and find a solution to the problem.

The entry of Bhutan’s argument, due to Corona, prohibited the entry. In
fact, every year in this season, farmers of India visit the Samudra Jongkhar area on the Indo-Bhutan border and irrigate the Kala river by bringing it to their fields. This year, due to Corona virus, Bhutan has refused to give entry to Indian farmers. However, farmers say that what is the problem in irrigation when all the international protocols are being followed. As of now, the state and central government have not responded to this matter.

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