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Traders ask govt to ban WhatsApp and Facebook over new privateness coverage

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Image Source : PTI Traders ask govt to ban WhatsApp and Facebook over new privateness coverage
The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has strongly objected the brand new WhatsApp privateness coverage by way of which all types of private information, fee transactions, contacts, location and different very important info of an individual who’s utilizing WhatsApp will probably be acquired by it and can be utilized for any goal by WhatsApp.

In a communication despatched to Minister for Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad, CAIT has demanded that the federal government ought to instantly limit WhatsApp from implementing the brand new coverage or put a ban on WhatsApp and its mum or dad firm Facebook.

Facebook has greater than 200 million customers in India and enabling it to entry information about each consumer by an organization can pose a critical risk to not solely the financial system however even to the safety of the nation.

“It reminds us of the days of East India Company who entered India to trade salt only and invade the country but at this time it is the data which is very crucial to wreck the backbone of economy, social structure, etc. The Facebook- WhatsApp combine has shown their true colours by first facilitating the Indians to use Facebook and WhatsApp without any charge but now seeking access to data, its ultimate object seems to control trade & economy of India beside other hidden agenda,” CAIT stated.

WhatsApp is to implement its modified Privacy Policy from subsequent month in India which is able to drive folks utilizing WhatsApp to simply accept the modified phrases in the event that they wish to avail the utilization of WhatsApp or else they must delete the WhatsApp from their cellular.

“The changed privacy policy of WhatsApp is an encroachment on privacy of an individual & runs against the basic fundamentals of Constitution of India and therefore the CAIT has demanded immediate intervention of the Government,” stated CAIT National President B. C. Bhartia and Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal in a joint assertion issued on Sunday.

Bhartia and Khandelwal stated, “In its new privacy policy, WhatsApp is forcing the user to accept the new terms and it’s a common phenomenon that most of them without reading the terms would just go ahead and accept it without realising what WhatsApp is changing under the new terms. It does not give a choice to the user to stay on the platform without accepting the revised terms which is also an encroachment on independence of a person. How can a company operating in India force the users to accept its arbitrary and one sided terms.”

The new guidelines will probably be applied subsequent month, and if a consumer does not settle for the coverage, then he has to delete the WhatsApp software from his cellular.

Bhartia and Khandelwal stated what they might perceive is that WhatsApp goals to acquire extra information about every consumer which is able to allow it to know account info, together with cellphone quantity, handle e book info, standing info, additionally all the information on transactions and funds and this information could also be linked with its new software, WhatsApp funds.

It will probably be disastrous when this information will probably be utilized by each WhatsApp and Facebook for varied functions, together with the enablement of Facebook to make use of information with an e-commerce portal or compromising information with varied corporations to earn industrial advantages. Since Facebook being the mum or dad Company of WhatsApp will have the ability to entry all such information, CAIT stated.

It will trigger a lot disturbance when WhatsApp can gather information about utilization, the type of cellphone consumer is utilizing and his location. Through new phrases, WhatsApp will even entry the checking account of the consumer. Not solely this however WhatsApp will know what consumer is paying you and to whom and different associated particulars like what’s bought and what would be the location of supply. It can monitor each consumer, CAIT stated.

By acquiring such enormous information they’ll precisely know the buying and spending behaviour of customers, what they eat, quantity of necessities of assorted gadgets, travels and locations, utilization of flights, railways, cab, highway transport, and many others.
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