There will be some relief somewhere, there will be a change in these rules from September 1

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Many rules are going to change from September 1 , which will directly affect your pocket. Know which are the rules that will affect your activities. Somewhere you will get relief and somewhere there will be a shock of inflation.

LPG prices may decrease: LPG cylinder prices are reviewed on the 1st of every month. It is believed that in the era, the government can cut the prices of LPG by giving relief to the general public.

Air india Plane

Air travel can be expensive: Airlines have suffered heavily due to the corona virus epidemic. Airline companies may be allowed to increase fares due to discounts in case of flights. In addition, the Civil Aviation Ministry has decided to levy high aviation safety fees from domestic and international passengers from 1 September. Domestic passengers will now have to pay a higher aviation security fee of Rs 160 instead of 150, while international passengers will be charged $ 5.2 for $ 4.85. You will have to pay 40 rupees more for international air travel.

Relief from running Metro trains : The Central Government has given the green signal to run the Metro train in Unlock-4. The metro train will run from 7 September. Running the metro will reduce your transportation expenses and will give relief to your pocket.

Rules are about to change in investment : For those investing in the stock market , the rules are going to change a bit. Now investors will not be able to take advantage of the margin from the broker. Only the amount of money that investors will give to their broker in the form of upfront margin will be able to buy only those shares.

Relief limit expires: The relief given by the Reserve Bank of for filling EMI in March expires on August 31. The Reserve Bank had initially announced a 3-month Mauritorium. After this, it was decided to increase the Maratorium again by 31 August. Now after this, the Reserve Bank has not increased the Mauritorium, that is, you will now have to pay your EMI. However, bank customers taking loan have the option to get their loan restructured. In this, customers will be able to get their loan installment, deadline etc. restructured according to their post-corona situation.

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