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The second batch of Rafale aircraft reached India, after landing non-stop from France, landed directly in Ambala

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The second batch of Rafale has reached India amid increasing tension with China. With this, the strength of the Air Force of India has increased. These Rafale fighter jets will break over China like time. Its strength can be gauged from the fact that this Rafale has reached India without stopping from France. The Indian Air Force (IAF) has informed that the second batch of Rafale planes reached India at 8:14 pm tonight after flying non-stop from France. 3 new aircraft reached Jamnagar in Gujarat from Istress, France. During this trip, the French Air Force’s mid-air refueling aircraft accompanied. The pilots of the Indian Air Force were trained for this trip at the St. Digière airbase in France.

The first fleet of five Rafale aircraft from French company Dassault Aviation arrived in India on 28 July. The fleet had halted in the United Arab Emirates after flying from France, where it refueled. When Rafale’s first fleet was inducted into the Air Force, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh called it a game changer. He claimed that the Air Force, along with Rafael, had acquired an edge in technology. It is a fighter aircraft equipped with the latest weapons and superior sensors.

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