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The Kerala Story: Vipul Shah-Sudipto Sen Back Their Claims About 32000 Missing Girls, Watch

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Home LeisureThe Kerala Story: Vipul Shah-Sudipto Sen Back Their Claims About 32000 Missing Girls in New Video, Watch

The Kerala Story: Vipul Shah and Sudipto Sen not too way back backed their claims about 32000 missing girls in a model new video. Watch

The Kerala Story: Vipul Shah-Sudipto Sen Back Their Claims About 32000 Missing Girls in New Video, Watch

The Kerala Story: Producer Vipul Amrutlal Shah and director Sudipto Sen not too way back bought right here forward to debate the authenticity of the amount ‘32000’ conversions of missing Malayali girls by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) terrorists. The Kerala Story was launched in cinemas on fifth May 2023 and the amount ‘32000’ is being questioned as a result of the trailer launch of the film many times. The makers have now talked about the problem with data and real-life incidents. Sudipto has plenty of cases talked about that on the right time, he’ll give the logical reasoning behind the amount ‘32000’. After the film’s launch the producer and director launched a shocking revelation of 32000 manipulative conversions in Kerala backed by evaluation from their group.


The makers had confidently claimed that the film showcased the story of larger than 32,000 Kerala women who had allegedly been radicalized by Islamic fundamentalists. There was political outrage and protests in direction of them for spreading false information. The viral video launched by the makers mentions that “On July 24th, 2010 V.S. Achyutanandan the former Chief Minister of Kerala at a Press meeting in Delhi showed concern for the state as their plan was to make Kerala a Muslim state in the next 20 years, he also said they are luring youngsters, offering them money, insisting them to marry Hindu girls to increase the Muslim population. Pinarayi Vijayan, the current Chief Minister of Kerala, defended V.S. Achyutanandan’s statements when Vijayan was a member of the Politburo of the communist party of India.” The Kerala CM is opposing the film saying the makers have distorted the knowledge and generally known as it a propaganda film. What he acknowledged 13 years once more in July 2010 has a limiteless discrepancy to his latest statements in accordance with director Sudipto Sen. Suditpo Sen instructed that the tenth Chief Minister of Kerala, Oommen Chandy formally accepted the reality that conversions had been happening in Kerala and in your full nation on a giant scale.


The video incorporates a clip of a 10-12-year-old little one who was radicalized and publicly shouting “If you live here quietly, we will let you live…if you don’t live quietly, We know what to do.” Vipul Shah acknowledged, “People are giving statements like this film is against Kerala state, it is an anti-Muslim film, and the things shown in The Kerala Story is not appropriate. The makers further discussed a documentary streamed on CNN of a village in Kerala wherein they are confirming that in a few villages of Kerala, Sharia law is practiced.
Vipul also clarified how the number 32000 was changed to 3 in the teaser of the film by hacking their system. He reasoned that the troll army very aggressively targeted the makers by saying how they changed the number to 3. However, in reality, it was a hack, and the number was again changed to 32000 by the filmmakers. Vipul claimed the system was hacked and was restored within 5 minutes. Former Kerala CM Oommen Chandy presented the number ‘7713’ Seven thousand seven hundred thirteen in an official document.


Sudipto spoke about 2 conversion centers in Kerala and the number of people who were converted there.
He pointed out, “The official conversion number is ‘900’ in the year 2015, and ‘1312’ in the year 2016. Aarsha Vidya Samajam is an organization that helps victims who were radicalized, indoctrinated, and converted to Islam. This organization has official data of 6500 girls who were brainwashed
Sudipto Sen mentions if we add all the official numbers we have right now it sums up to somewhere between ‘15,500 to 16000’. Another organization called ‘Hindu Seva Kendram’ has handled 14000 to 15000 manipulation cases and has documented each case and its history.” He further added, “If we add all the numbers including ‘Hindu Seva Kendaram’ then the total number reaches around 31,000 conversions.” Vipul Shah moreover talked about, “If we take into account the unofficial numbers and unreported cases then the total number would be more than 50,000-60,000.”

During the film promotion and interviews the filmmakers frequently talked about their intention was to unfold consciousness. The Kerala Story has transform one among many best hits of 2023 after Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan.

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