The India story is strong today, will grow even stronger tomorrow’: PM Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said is one of the most attractive centres of investments as there are opportunities for everyone to set up units and run investments in the country while virtually addressing the Invest India Conference in Canada

Speaking to Canadian investors, he highlighted that both nations India and Canada have contributed to each other’s growth. He said, “Canada is home to some of the largest & most experienced investors. Canadian Pension Funds were among the first investors to start investing in India. Many of them have already discovered great opportunities in a range of areas like highways, airports, logistics.”

He said investors have an opportunity to grow in India and work with governmental as well as private bodies. PM Modi said, “In the post- world, you will hear that there are multiple problems, problems of manufacturing, supply etc. but problems are natural. But, India has emerged above these problems and by showing resilience we have made it a of solutions.”PM Modi highlighted that despite ‘disrupted logistics’ India has been able to deposit money directly to farmers, poor and needy people and women. He also said that foodgrains and cooking gas was supplied to those who needed it the most during the pandemic.

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