Report Wire - Taliban seize library in Panjshir from the place Amrullah Saleh final spoke

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Taliban seize library in Panjshir from the place Amrullah Saleh final spoke

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Taliban capture library in Panjshir from where Amrullah Saleh last spoke

Per week after Afghan Vice-President Amurullah Saleh had launched a video from Panjshir denying the studies that he has fled the valley, a Talib has been noticed on the similar spot now. Saleh was seen sitting in entrance of a bookshelf whereas recording the video launched on September 3. But now, a Talib brandishing an assault rifle in entrance of the identical bookshelf has appeared on social media now, implying that the Taliban has now captured the place the place Saleh was staying in Panjshir.
An unique {photograph} of the Taliban member sitting in entrance of the bookshelf was posted by Afghan media home Afghan Urdu on September 10.

طالبان جنگجو امر اللہ صالح کی کتابوں کی الماری کے سامنے تصویر بنواتے ہوئےسابق افغان نائب صدر امراللہ صالح نے اس جگہ بیٹھ کر اپنا ویڈیو پیغام جاری کیا تھا اور کسی صورت ملک نہ چھوڑنے اور مزاحمت کا اعلان کیا تھا، مگر بعد میں تاجکستان فرار ہو گئے تھے— افغان اردو (@AfghanUrdu) September 10, 2021
The pro-Taliban media home wrote in its tweet in Urdu, “Taliban fighter Amrullah Saleh poses in front of a bookcase. Former Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh sat down and released a video message announcing that he would not leave the country and resist, but later fled to Tajikistan.”
On Friday, a Pakistani journalist by the identify of Hamza Azhar Salam had cited ‘pro-Taliban’ accounts to tell that the unconventional Islamists had entered the mentioned library within the Panjsher province of Afghanistan. “Pro Taliban accounts are sharing this picture claiming that Talibans have entered the library where Amrullah Saleh sent a video message a few days ago.”
Screengrab of the tweet by Hamza Azhar Salam
Video message by former Afghan Vice President
On September 3, Amrullah Saleh had dismissed studies about him escaping from Afghanistan, following the autumn of Kabul by the hands of the Taliban. The former Afghan Vice-President had mentioned, “I am in the Panjshir Valley. The reports concerning my escape from Afghanistan are totally baseless. I am here. We have had several meetings regarding the situation. No doubt, the situation has been difficult. We are under invasion by the Taliban, their Al-Qaeda allies, terrorist groups from the region and beyond and as usual backed by the Pakistanis.”
A video message despatched to us @BBCWorld from one of many leaders of the anti-Taliban resistance, fmr VP @AmrullahSaleh2 who says they’re underneath assault from terrorists and factors the finger of blame at Pakistan. Pakistan in fact deny they assist Taliban forces #Panjshir #Afghanistan— Yalda Hakim (@BBCYaldaHakim) September 3, 2021
He additional added, “We have held the ground. We have resisted. The resistance is not going to surrender or bow to terrorism. It is going to continue. They are all difficulties but I have not fled or escaped. I want to assure you through this video that everything said about me having fled/escaped is baseless.” While responding to his personal video message on Twitter, Saleh mentioned, “The RESISTANCE is continuing and will continue. I am here with my soil, for my soil & defending its dignity.” The image of the Talib on the similar location as Amrullah Saleh had raised considerations concerning the latter’s security.
Taliban killed brother of Amrullah Saleh
The Taliban has killed Rohullah Saleh, brother of Afghan resistance chief Amrullah Saleh, India Today had earlier reported. The Taliban had introduced on the sixth of September that they’ve managed to realize management of the Panjshir Valley. The resistance forces, nevertheless, had claimed that they have been nonetheless preventing the Jihadist group. Soon after, the Taliban destroyed the tomb of the Late Guerilla Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud within the Panjshir Province.
After the Taliban took over Kabul, Ahmad Massoud, son of Ahmad Shah Massoud, together with Amrullah Saleh had reportedly fled to Panjshir valley to proceed the Resistance towards Taliban occupation. Panjshir Valley remained the final bastion of the Northern Alliance and all of the Anti-Taliban fighters.