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‘STAY TUNED’: Twitter suspends Donald Trump, he declares warfare

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Hours after micro-blogging website Twitter arbitrarily eliminated United States President Donald Trump from its platform, the POTUS issued a scathing response accusing Twitter of conspiring along with his political enemies “to silence” him. As Twitter suspends the out-going President, Donald Trump, a number of questions are being raised on the management of big-tech on the political discourse all over the world.
After Twitter suspended not simply President Trump’s account but in addition different Twitter accounts related to him, President Trump issued a press release over the stunning motion of Twitter to ban free speech saying that micro-blogging website is colluding with Democrats and radical left components to silence him and the 75 million individuals who voted for him.
Statement from the President of the United States relating to the fascists at Twitter unfairly suspending his account.— Unnamed Source 🇺🇸 Parler@GregMichael (@Gregmichael78) January 9, 2021
In his tweet, President Donald Trump identified how he had been saying for a very long time that Twitter has gone additional and additional in banning free speech and added that Twitter workers have coordinated with the Democrats and the Radical Left components to take away his account from their platform, to silence him and the 75,000,000 nice patriots who voted for him.
Twitter suspends Donald Trump, he declares warfare, says to have a giant announcement quickly
The President additionally identified that Twitter could also be a personal firm, however the authorities’s reward of Section 230 they might not exist for lengthy.
“I predicted this would happen. We have been negotiating with various other sites and will have a big announcement soon, while we also look at the possibilities of building out our own platform in the near future. We will not be SILENCED! Twitter is not about FREE SPEECH,” added POTUS Donald Trump highlighting how the micro-blogging website is all about selling a Radical Left platform ‘where some of the most vicious people in the world are allowed to speak freely’.
The President of the United States, finish his assertion to his followers stated, “STAY TUNED!”.
Earlier on Wednesday, Twitter had locked the account of incumbent US President Donald Trump within the wake of the violence at Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Claiming that Trump had incited violence, the social media large stated that his account has been locked for 12 hours and had warned that any future violation of its “Civic Integrity or Violent Threats policies” by Trump would result in a suspension.