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UP News: Businessman commits suicide by shooting himself, family members rushed to the room after hearing the sound, body found soaked in blood

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Crime News. In the Taj city of Agra, a businessman committed suicide by shooting himself with his licensed revolver. Hearing the gunshot, the family members rushed to the room and found the body soaked in blood. Police arrived on the information, inspected the scene and sent the body for post-mortem.

The whole incident is of Trans Yamuna of Etmaduddaula police station area. 40-year-old businessman Atul, who lives here, went to the temple in the morning. When he returned from the temple, he asked his mother to make tea. After this, he went to the room. When the sound of a gunshot came from the room, the people of the house rushed to the spot and were shocked to see. Atul was lying soaked in blood.

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The businessman had married for the second time

Hearing the noise, people from nearby areas also came. Police reached the spot on receiving the information. Police inspected the spot and gathered information. It was told that Atul had divorced his wife a few years ago. After that he got married for the second time.

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