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‘Mother asked for sacrifice in a dream and I killed my only son’, mother told such a reason for the murder that you will be shocked to know it

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Crime News. A shocking incident has come to light from Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh. In village Jalalpur Hasna of Himpur Deepa police station area, a woman killed her four-year-old only son by cutting him with a shovel. Police have arrested the accused mother. During interrogation, she told that the goddess had come to her in her dream and asked for sacrifice, so she offered her son as a gift.

The woman committed the crime when she and her four-year-old son Harsh alias Kallu were at home. The boy’s father had gone to the farm. Before the incident, the boy’s grandfather had given him popcorn. He had taken it home. During this, mother Adesh used a shovel on the neck of son Harsh alias Kallu. Although the neck was not completely cut, but a deep wound was formed. After this, she tried to burn the child alive by placing wood on him in a bloody condition. Meanwhile, when his father returned home, he asked about the boy. When he saw smoke rising near the cattle shed and reached there, his son was burning in the wood.

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Seeing the child breathing, he took him to a private doctor. On the way, the child took two hiccups. After this, the doctor declared the child dead. The woman did not say anything. However, the woman told the police during interrogation that the goddess had come to her in a dream. She said that we will take her son with us. Kill him and give him and she gave him the son.

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