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Minor was gang-raped after being held hostage for 10 days: The youth lured her into a love trap and called her into his room, made this demand with his second girlfriend…

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Aligarh. A sensational case of gang rape has come to light from Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh. Where a young man trapped a minor girl in a love trap. Then he booked her in a room and kept her captive for 10 days and his friends raped her one by one. In this case, the police have arrested 4 people including the second girlfriend of the main accused. While the mastermind is still out of police custody.

According to the information, the main accused Deepak first trapped the 17-year-old girl in a love trap. Then he called her to a room on the pretext of meeting. On the call of the boyfriend, the minor girlfriend reached the room. After this, boyfriend Deepak, along with his second girlfriend Anjana Chaudhary, held her hostage and demanded ransom money from the minor’s family. After which the family took refuge in the police.

After 2 days, the accused handed over the minor to his friends Akash, Jatin and another youth and escaped. Meanwhile, the friends held the minor hostage for 10 days and raped her. Anjana also helped them in this. When the police came to know about the hideouts of the accused, they raided the place. The police arrested three friends of Anjana and Deepak and released the victim.

According to the police, the victim is given intoxicating drugs in her food. Then the crime is committed under the influence of drugs. Currently, the police has sent the victim to the hospital for medical checkup. The police have registered a case against the accused under several sections and are engaged in further action. Meanwhile, the police is continuously raiding the hideouts of the main accused to arrest him.

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