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Hathras Stampede: Baba Sakar Hari accused of sexual abuse, accused in these serious cases too, changed his name as soon as he was released from jail

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Hathras Stampede: After the Hathras Satsang incident, ‘Bhole Baba’ alias Narayan Sakar Hari is in the news. The police is present outside his Mainpuri ashram but is unable to arrest him. Meanwhile, his political connection has come to light. But another case has been revealed. It is being told that 5 serious charges including sexual exploitation have been registered against Baba. He has also gone to jail after which he changed his name.

Big news: ‘Baba’ responsible for death in Hathras Satsang incident was hiding here, his whereabouts revealed, will he be arrested now?

The real name of Bhole Baba, accused of Hathras incident, is Surajpal alias Narayan Hari. He is a resident of Etah. Baba has formed his own army. Five cases including sexual exploitation are registered against him. Not only this, he also has a deep connection with politics. On some occasions, many big leaders of UP have been seen on his stage. This includes the name of Samajwadi Party’s national president Akhilesh Yadav.

Hathras Breaking: ‘Bhole Baba’ is close to former CM Akhilesh Yadav, old picture goes viral after the satsang incident in Hathras

People also call Bhole Baba as Prabhu and Parmatma. Usually, when we meet each other, we greet each other with Namaste, Ram-Ram. But instead of Namaste, Bhole Baba’s supporters say ‘May the Supreme Father God be praised forever in the entire universe’. People consider Bhole Baba as the Supreme Father God. The entire satsang is very profound but ‘Bhole Baba’ talks about the Supreme Father God. He does not call himself the Supreme Father God.

How did a former IB employee become ‘Bhole Baba’: He resigned from the police job 18 years ago, went from village to village to collect donations, people ran to collect dust from his feet and he died in a stampede

Dismissed from government job, then changed name, identity and became Baba

Narayan Hari was born in Etah. After being dismissed from the government job, he changed his name and identity. He changed this name after being released from jail and then became a Baba. His wife also accompanies him in the congregation. He does not wear saffron clothes like other Babas. Rather, he is seen in white suit and white shoes in his satsang. Many times he arrives for satsang wearing kurta pyjama and a white cap on his head. Now UP police will soon reveal the truth about this.

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