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Hanumangarhi Mahant’s security removed: Gunman back, Rajudas said – attempted murder

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Ayodhya. News has come out regarding the security of Mahant Rajudas of Hanumangarhi. The administration has removed his security. Along with this, the gunner has also been withdrawn. Mahant Raju Das has given a big statement regarding this. He said that the administration is working on a socialist mentality. Security has been removed to kill us.

sharp argument

Actually, after the crushing defeat in the Lok Sabha elections, BJP is continuously holding meetings and reviewing the situation. Mahant Rajudas was also present in the review meeting regarding the defeat in Ayodhya. During that time, there was a heated argument between Rajudas and DM Nitish Kumar in front of two ministers of the UP government. After which it was claimed on the basis of Rajudas that his gunner has been withdrawn. Regarding which Mahant Rajudas says that we are small workers of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Who work for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and CM Yogi Adityanath. PM Modi has become the Prime Minister for the third time. Thanks to the public for this. We work for the public. If people are troubled by this, then so be it. But the way our security system has been removed. I am very sad about this. Our work troubles only those people who do not trust the Constitution.

Attempted murder

Regarding the scuffle with the DM, Mahant Raju Das said that we work for Hindutva. Due to which irreligious people keep an eye on us. But we have no problem with this. But the administration is working on a socialist mentality. Due to this, our security arrangements have been withdrawn. But we have full faith that BJP workers work to spread awareness about Hindutva. We were talking about the public. Due to which the officers got disturbed. Due to which our security has been removed to kill us.