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‘Do not trust the drama of the Babas, if you have any disease, consult good doctors…’ Saint Premanand had warned before the Hathras stampede

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Hathras Stampede. On July 2, 125 people died in a stampede during Bhole Baba’s satsang in Fullerai village of Hathras district. It is being told that before this, Saint Premanand Maharaj had warned people not to trust the drama of the Babas. If anyone has any disease, then go to the doctor.

Suraj Pal, popularly known as Bhole Baba, claims that the water that flows from his hand pump cures diseases. Apart from this, there are many other Babas who claim to cure diseases through miracles. Premanand Maharaj had said to be cautious of many such Babas.

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Explaining to the people, Premanand Maharaj said, ‘God had sent Hanuman ji to get medicine. Did he not send him, tell me. You can imagine that Hanuman ji could have called someone with a secret there. At that time, was there no such tantric, mantra in the world, well, is there anyone better than Ram ji…? But was the medicine brought or not?

Premananda Maharaj gives this advice

Saint Premanand Maharaj said, ‘Vaidya was called, medicine was brought, it was ground and given to drink and you know the whole story. We say that do not trust such drama. When you have any disease, consult a good doctor, take medicine and chant the name of God.’ Premanand Maharaj advises devotees to follow the path of devotion by following karma.

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