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Desperate to avenge the defeat in Ayodhya: This seat has become a matter of prestige for BJP, who will win in the political arena of the by-election?

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Ayodhya. This time a big upset was seen in the Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha elections 2024. Out of 80 Lok Sabha seats in UP, the Samajwadi Party has won the maximum 37 seats. While the Bharatiya Janata Party has captured 33 seats. BJP also had to face defeat in Ayodhya. Now BJP is desperate to take revenge for the defeat in Ayodhya. Actually, by-elections are to be held on 10 assembly seats in UP. Which also includes Milkipur assembly of Faizabad (Ayodhya) Lok Sabha. After losing the Lok Sabha election, Milkipur assembly has become a matter of prestige for the BJP.

Stir begins in BJP

Awadhesh Prasad, who was a Samajwadi Party MLA from Milkipur Assembly, has been elected as MP from Faizabad (Ayodhya). After this, he has also resigned from the membership of the Assembly. After which now a by-election is to be held in Milkipur Assembly. BJP, which was defeated in the Lok Sabha elections, has started making movements with the aim of capturing the Milkipur Assembly.

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BJP will play trump card

It is being said that to overcome the defeat in Faizabad, BJP will play its trump card for the Milkipur assembly seat. The name of the BJP candidate may be surprising. BJP will want to win the Milkipur assembly seat at any cost. So that the defeat in Faizabad can be balanced.

SP takes lead in 4 out of 5 assembly constituencies of Ayodhya Lok Sabha

Awadhesh Prasad, who became MP from Faizabad Lok Sabha, was the current MLA of Samajwadi Party from Milkipur Assembly. SP had made Awadhesh Prasad a candidate from Faizabad in the Lok Sabha elections. Awadhesh became MP by defeating two-time BJP MP Lallu Singh. He won by 54,567 votes.

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Awadhesh got 5,54,289 votes, while BJP candidate Lallu Singh got 4,99,722 votes. If we look at the assembly wise results of Faizabad Lok Sabha elections, out of the five assembly seats under Faizabad Lok Sabha, SP’s Awadhesh Prasad took the lead in four seats. Lallu Singh could take the lead only in Ayodhya assembly seat.

In 2022, SP’s Awadhesh defeated BJP’s Baba Gorakhnath

In the 2022 assembly elections, BJP won four out of the five assembly seats falling under Faizabad Lok Sabha, Dariyabad, Rudauli, Ayodhya and Bikapur. At the same time, SP’s Awadhesh Prasad won from Milkipur reserved seat. In the 2022 assembly elections, SP’s Awadhesh Prasad defeated BJP’s Baba Gorakhnath by 12 thousand 923 votes. In the Lok Sabha elections too, Lallu Singh lost from Milkipur assembly by 7733 votes.

The problem for BJP is that this time in the Lok Sabha elections, except Ayodhya assembly seat, SP has made inroads in the remaining three assembly seats of Faizabad. Awadhesh Prasad, who comes from Pasi community, has now become the MP of Faizabad. Awadhesh has left Milkipur assembly seat. In the by-election, once again a tough fight will be seen between Samajwadi Party and BJP in Milkipur assembly seat.

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