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‘Death is the punishment for betrayal in love, she ate up my 6 years’ earnings and was having an affair with someone else’, the accused of killing his girlfriend confessed the crime

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Bulandshahr. The murder of a woman in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh has been revealed. The accused confessed to his crime. The accused has no regrets. He said that the only punishment for betrayal in love is death. She loved me and fell in love with someone else. I could not tolerate this. She had eaten up my earnings of 6 years. Now she was falling in love with someone else.

Adnan alias Ballu of Bulandshahr murdered his girlfriend Asma by slitting her throat. The woman’s body was found in the graveyard of Khirkhani in Khurja. It is being told that Asma was married and had left her husband and was living in a live-in relationship with her lover. The police arrested Asma’s lover Adnan on the basis of suspicion. After this, during interrogation, the accused confessed his crime.

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It is said that married Aasma had an illicit relationship with Adnan. According to Adnan, he had been having an affair with Aasma for the past two and a half years. Adnan killed Aasma by slitting her throat with a knife when he suspected her. Adnan said that she betrayed him in love, so he slit her throat with a knife. This is the punishment for betrayal.

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