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CBI raids railways: Inspector also made accused, SIB and retired IG also under question

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Lalluram has received one more information about the bribery case of RPF ASI at Alambagh Store Depot of Northern Railway. Lalluram’s sources have confirmed that in the CBI investigation, about 9 thousand rupees in cash have been seized from the chamber of the inspector posted at the said RPF post. Sources claim that Rakesh Kumar Ojha is posted there who has now locked his house and gone somewhere in this case. Lalluram called the Commandant and ASC for official confirmation of this entire matter, but both did not answer the phone.

In this case, the SIB team is also under the scanner as to why the SIB report was not given if this was happening in their police station area. Sources even claim that the former RPF IG (retired) of the zone is also under the scanner for the posting of the said inspector. It is a matter of investigation for the RPF as to when and how the said inspector was posted in the said post? Sources claim that the said inspector was posted without tenure. However, the entire matter will come to light only after the RPF investigates how much truth is there in all the said claims.

But through the CBI action it has become clear that a long game of bribery is going on in RPF these days.

This is the whole case of bribery

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has arrested a railway officer and an RPF ASI red-handed while accepting bribe. Now the CBI team has reached their house to raid where investigation is going on. The whole matter is of Alambagh Store Depot of Northern Railway. The Chief Depot Superintendent (CDMS) posted here and an RPF ASI posted in Northern Railway had demanded bribe.

According to preliminary information, the name of the Chief Depot Superintendent (CDMS) is being told as Aviral Kumar and RPF ASI Manoj Kumar Rai. According to the information received from the sources, a case was registered against both the accused on 13 June 2024. In which it was told that a fine of Rs 12,800 was demanded once and Rs 8,200 the second time for permission to cut and lift the scrap purchased from the railway depot.

In this case too, the CBI laid a trap and arrested both the accused ASI, RPF and CDMS red handed while taking bribe of Rs 9 thousand and Rs 8 thousand 200 respectively from the complainant. Searches have been conducted at the residence of both the accused in Lucknow and the investigation of the case is going on.