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Bageshwar Baba reached Ayodhya: Dhirendra Shastri visited Ramlala, said this big thing about Hindu nation

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Ayodhya. Peethadheeshwar Pandit Dhirendra Krishna Shastri of Bageshwar Dham reached Ayodhya. Where he visited Ramlala. Dhirendra Shastri has once again given a big statement about Hindu Rashtra. Bageshwar Baba said that India will one day become a Hindutva nation. We will not sit in peace until a Hindu nation is formed.

Temple will be built in Kashi and Mathura too- Dhirendra Shastri

On Thursday, Pandit Dhirendra Shastri of Bageshwar Dham reached Lord Ram’s city Ayodhya. Where he visited Ramlala. Dhirendra Shastri also gave a statement on BJP’s defeat in the Ayodhya seat in the Lok Sabha elections. He said that Hindutva never loses. Hindutva learns. He also said that like the Ram temple, temples will be built in Kashi and Mathura as well.

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Demand to make Mother Cow the Mother of the Nation

Apart from this, Dhirendra Shastri also reached Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand today. Where he said that Gopal Mani is the first saint to give the slogan of Mother Cow as Mother Nation and to write the famous book Dhenu Manas. We fully support his demand to give the status of Mother Nation to Mother Cow.

Dhirendra Shastri said that the cow which we call mother is forced to roam on the streets today. If this is not misfortune then what is? There are 100 crore Hindu Sanatanis living in India who are not able to take care of 37 crore cows. We are not in favour or against anyone, the ones who are left are special.

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Let us tell you that Dhirendra Shastri had earlier reached Ayodhya on 22 January on the occasion of Ramlala’s Pran Pratishtha. Peethadheeshwar Dhirendra Krishna of Bageshwar Dham had expressed his happiness on this. He gave the credit of the construction of Ram temple to saints and Tulsi Peethadheeshwar Rambhadracharya ji, who stood in the Supreme Court and presented evidence in favor of Ram temple.

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