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Wife was murdered due to illicit relationship, father killed 2 children and then committed suicide, reading this will make your heart tremble

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Anmol Mishra, Satna. Police has revealed the three murders that took place in a house in Satna, Madhya Pradesh. The murderer was none other than Rakesh Chaudhary. He first killed his wife and two innocent children and then committed suicide by jumping in front of a train. The reason behind this heinous murder was his wife’s illicit relationship. Rakesh’s wife used to talk on the phone with Kamlesh Chaudhary of the same village. She had also disappeared with him three times since February.

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In fact, sensation spread in the City Kotwali police station area of ​​the city when three bodies soaked in blood were found in a house. The mother and two sons were brutally murdered. All three were attacked with heavy weapons on their heads. The bodies of the woman Sunita and her eight-year-old son Rishabh and six-year-old son Nikhil were found in the same room. While the body of Rakesh was found in a mutilated condition on the Nazirabad railway track. The police first found the body of the husband Rakesh and when the body was identified

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And when the police started investigating, they were stunned. The landlady of the deceased had informed the police after seeing three bodies inside the house. Here, the big incident of three murders and then suicide spread sensation in the city. DIG Saket Pandey, Superintendent of Police Ashutosh Gupta and other senior police officers reached the spot and formed a team under the leadership of CSP Mahendra Singh. The police investigated the whole matter closely. After which the whole incident was revealed with the help of CCTV. At the spot, only the husband, wife and children were seen going inside the room and then late at night the husband was seen coming out of the room in a distraught state. Then in the morning the husband’s body was found on the railway track.

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According to the police investigation, this entire heinous murder was committed by the husband. First he killed the wife and both the children and then after throwing the sharp weapon in the well, he reached the railway track and committed suicide. The police claimed that the reason behind this murder was the wife’s infidelity. The wife had developed illicit relations with Kamlesh Chaudhary of Tighra village. The wife would often talk with Kamlesh on phone and had also gone missing with him. The wife had also got the elder son admitted in a school in Katni and had registered the father’s name as Kamlesh. Rakesh had got a clue about this entire matter and this became the reason for the murder.

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