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Wife left her husband and ran away with her boyfriend, one and half month old innocent is yearning for her mother

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Kamal Verma, Gwalior. A shocking incident has come to light from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Where a woman left her one and a half month old innocent daughter and husband for her lover. Her husband alleges that the woman is living with her boyfriend. The father reached the Superintendent of Police office with the girl to seek justice from the police and made serious allegations against his wife. The police have said that they will take action in this matter.

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In fact, Vishal Mogia, who lives near Vicky Factory on Jhansi Road in Gwalior, reached the Superintendent of Police office for public hearing with his one and a half month old baby girl. Vishal, who was upset with his wife, pleaded with the police to get him justice. Vishal alleges that his wife Rakhi has an affair with someone else. She has gone with him. When she was at home, she used to quarrel every day. She has also tried to commit suicide many times, due to which the whole family was upset.

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Vishal has pleaded with the police that he now wants to keep the child. The police says that Vishal’s wife Rakhi had filed a complaint against Vishal and his family in the women’s police station a few days ago. After which both of them will have to undergo counseling. Currently, in the public hearing, the police has assured appropriate action on Vishal’s application.

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