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Uma Bharti got angry on calling Avdhesh Prasad the king of Ayodhya, targeted Akhilesh, said- he has little respect for ancestors and traditions, said big things on these issues too

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Karan Mishra, Gwalior. Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and BJP’s firebrand leader Uma Bharti reached Gwalior today. Here she fiercely targeted SP supremo Akhilesh Yadav. Calling Akhilesh Yadav’s statement in which he called Uttar Pradesh’s Faizabad MP Avdhesh Prasad the king of Ayodhya an insult to ancestors, she said, this shows that he has a small attitude towards ancestors and traditions. He has a derogatory and mocking attitude.

CM Mohan’s clear statement in the meeting of Agriculture Department, the concerned secretary will be responsible if any irregularities are found in the produce market

He has also responded to SP chief Akhilesh Yadav on the political turmoil over Sengol in the new Parliament. He said that what does he consider against democracy, what about his own family. Akhilesh Yadav is the son of a Chief Minister, his wife has contested elections. Therefore, he has no right to speak about Sengol. Akhilesh Yadav does not believe in democracy, he believes in dynasty politics. Dynasty politics is also a kind of monarchy.

Gave a befitting reply to Digvijay

When Digvijay Singh raised questions on the inclusion of the biography of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna in the education curriculum by Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav, he also gave a befitting reply to Digvijay Singh. Lord Ram is a great man of all religions, because Ram is the ancestor of the nation, because the history of Muslim religion, the history of Christianity, all this is within 2000 years. But Lord Ram is the ancestor of the nation and being the ancestor of the nation, Ram is also the ancestor of the Muslims of this country, and also the ancestor of the Christians. He said that Digvijay Singh is famous for this. I had said about him that his biggest enemy is his mouth. His tongue is his enemy. He lost to Pragya Singh in Bhopal and now to Rodmal Nagar in Rajgarh. His mouth and his tongue are his biggest enemies, I tell him a lot that Dada Bhai, you should speak carefully, but he is not able to speak. He made a mistake again.

There is no need to pay tax, tax should be deducted and paid

Uma Bharti praised the decision of CM Dr Mohan Yadav in which he has decided to pay the taxes of the ministers themselves. She said that I too have the status of a minister, if I get anything from it, it should be deducted and they should deduct it and give it to me. The former CM said that Mohan Yadav is an apt Chief Minister for this state, in today’s circumstances.

Former CM said this on Owaisi’s cheering for Palestine

Former Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Uma Bharti has also expressed strong objection to Owaisi’s sloganeering in support of Palestine during the oath taking ceremony in Parliament. She said, “Look, if he had taken the name of his God, now Palestine has become his God, then this is a symbol of his mentality that he does not respect this nation. And the thing that happened was that Hyderabad and Nizam Shahi did not want to unite with the whole of India. He is carrying that mentality, even today he does not consider himself a part of India, if he had, then Owaisi would have said Bharat Mata Ki Jai.”

Uma Bharti spoke on the question of going to Rajya Sabha

On the question of going to Rajya Sabha, the former Chief Minister said that no Bhaiya, I don’t want to become anything, I will comfortably work on Ganga ji, Ganga ji’s work is incomplete. Otherwise, I would have contested the elections because the elections have just started, there is no stopping me from contesting elections. In 2019, the talk of me and Sushma ji becoming governors had gone in vain, I had said that I am very young, governors are made by older people. We are people of the public, social workers, people who walk on the road.

Uma Bharti said, I feel that the healthcare facilities in Madhya Pradesh should be better, medicines should be available in government hospitals, education in government schools should be good, fire audit of hospitals should be done, fire audit of all hospitals in Madhya Pradesh is a big thing, all schools and private schools in Madhya Pradesh should be audited, all types of audits should be done, because due to lack of audit, many types of big accidents are happening with children in schools.

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