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Ruckus over coins in MP: Social worker accused of not issuing coin with picture of Rani Durgavati, Additional Secretary gave proof, said- ‘Be ready for FIR’

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Rakesh Chaturvedi, Bhopal. A round of allegations and counter-allegations has started in Madhya Pradesh regarding coins with pictures of great men. A social worker has alleged that coins with pictures of everyone are issued. But till now coins with the picture of Rani Durgavati have not been issued. On this, the Additional Secretary of the CM gave proof and said that it has already been issued last year. Remove the posts with misleading news or be ready for an FIR.

In fact, Indore’s social worker Dr. Anand Rai has raised questions through his social media post about the absence of Rani Durgavati’s photo on the coins. He wrote, “₹ 10 coins have been issued on Maharana Pratap ji, Durgadas Rathore etc. But no commemorative coin has been issued for Maharana Durgavati who was martyred much before them. The entire public should try to issue a coin of ₹ 100 or more in her memory. The coin should have her war-fighting image.”

On this, Additional Secretary in the Chief Minister’s Secretariat, Laxman Markam, posted and warned Rai. He said not to spread misleading information. PM Modi has issued a 500 rupee coin in the name of Rani Durgavati. He wrote on his ex-post, “Last year, on the beginning of the 500th birth centenary year of Rani Durgavati ji, a 500 rupee coin was issued by the Prime Minister. Indore’s so-called social worker Dr. Anand Rai ji, a 500 rupee coin has been issued, not even a 100 rupee coin. Remove the misleading post, due to your ignorance or mental deficiency, remove this fake post quickly. Or be ready for another FIR.

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